indian food menu - The beanerys new food menu launching
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New Restaurant Menu Launch

Indian food menu- Jaipur by the beanerys

New Restaurant Menu Launch

Recently, the beanerys have opened its restaurant along with the café to serve authentic indian food menu.

The Beanerys is always the talk of the town for its fantastic coffee and tasty fast food offerings. Earlier this place was offering only by an exclusive range of fast food & chine cuisine, but now it has included complete indian food menu.

Below are some of the highly recommended dishes

Soya Sikh kabab

These Delicious soya sikh veg kabab are made using veggies like potatoes, peas and soya granules. These kababs are served with green chutney, sliced onion, and lemon wedges.  In this winter, this sikh kabab will give you perfect start for your weekend evening.
Best Soya Sikh kabab - indian food menu in Jaipur

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhni is one of the favorite dal, which is made with lentils, red kidney beans, cream, and butter. The richness of this recipe and its flavourful taste has made this daal recipe a hit at the beanerys. Dal Makhani is best teamed with Garlic naan, Missi roti or jeera rice.

best dal makhni in jaipur - indian food menu in Jaipur

Garlic Nan

Garlic Naan Bread is a delicious naan with soft and light texture with garlic pieces. It is best served warm as an accompaniment to curries, kebabs and a wide variety of Indian Dishes.  Garlic Nan is also ideal to serve with salads, pickles, and barbequed food.

best garlic naan in jaipur, indian food menu in Jaipur

Dahi Ke Kabab

Dahi ke kabab is made by hung yogurt/curd mixed with grated paneer and other Indian spices and deep fried for a crunchy texture. You can order them as a starter or appetizer. These kababs are equally liked by kids with tomato sauce or ketchup.

Best Dahi kabab - indian food menu in Jaipur

Butter Paneer Masala

Butter paneer masala is one of the most popular paneer dishes at the beanerys. Perfect usage of spices and creams in its gravy makes it simply delicious and versatile.  You can enjoy it with any Indian bread,  tandoori roti, garlic naan and wit simple steamed rice.

butter paneer masala in jaipur- indian food menu in Jaipur

Mushroom Tikka

Mushroom Tikka is a healthy and protein-rich tandoori recipe made from button mushrooms.  Perfect marination and balanced usage of spices give excellent results and fresh flavor. The chilies used by the beanerys doesn’t provide dark red color, so mushroom looks original in color.

best Mashroom tikka - indian food menu in Jaipur

The best thing about the tikkas was that they were dry despite the fact that the mushrooms leave a lot of water. Enjoy them with fresh sliced onion, lemon and green chutney.

Looking to have some amazing indian food menu, contact the beanerys for more details and surprising offers.